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About Us

A doctors office

J.A.M. Swissmedical SA

J.A.M. Swissmedical SA was established in 2020 with the mission of developing the intercontinental medical-health connection and allowing everyone easy access to the highest quality products, guaranteeing safety and honesty, working in complete collaboration with Governments, national health systems and departments, international organizations and their systems.

J.A.M. Swissmedical are authorized global resellers of highly qualitative Covidtest. We offer both a rapid Antigen test and Antibody test. 

Delivery within 3-10 business days, benchmarked prices and fast service. 

Client referens upon request. Contact us for price range. 

Located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, J.A.M. Swiss Medical SA intends to develop its project in two phases.

A nurse, Image by JESHOOTS.COM
1. Reparative-emergency phase

Bridging intercontinental gaps by ensuring the highest quality of diagnostic and special preventive products.

A clinic, Image by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia
2. General preventive function

Select and market products for body balance, well-being and hygiene.

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